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Our Programs

One-Of-A-Kind Learning Experiences Delivered to Your Doorstep

Our education programs engage 99.9% of students. We teach across the entire curriculum, from language arts to cultural studies and history to science. Your students will be excited to learn and actively engage in the lessons. We bring learning to life through hands-on interactive programs delivered directly to your classroom. Whether you teach art, history, science, math, or cultural studies, our programs meet your needs. We can customize programs to meet your specific requirements.

Field Trips

Designed with your needs in mind! Our customizable programs allow your students to engage with exotic reptiles and arthropods while you meet state standards.

We offer classroom visits with or without activities, labs, or crafts. Student engagement and customizable presentations with resources — what’s not to love?

Field Trips at EcoVivarium
Our building tour will ignite your students’ love for learning. We have hundreds of rescued reptiles, amphibians, and arthropods waiting to meet you!

We offer interactive tours of our building and lab/activity packages. This field trip is great for up to 70 eager students.

Field Trips for Homeschools and Charter Schools

EcoVivarium loves homeschools and charter schools. Our founder is a homeschool mom herself! Our facility is a great way to pull your homeschool or charter group together for an educational field day event. We offer live reptile tours plus fun optional science, art, or social studies labs. A minimum of 18 paid participants is required to fill a homeschool or charter school field trip.

For individual homeschool families and small group co-ops that cannot meet the field trip minimum, we offer Homeschool Friday every 2nd Friday of each month from September through May. Advance reservations are required. (No programs in November and December.)

Classroom Programs
Bring your lessons to life 50-minute classroom presentation offers hands-on interaction with live reptiles and arthropods.

25 students maximum per class. Additional classroom presentations on the same day are an extra fee.

Science Night

We bring a variety of animals and artifacts to promote understanding and appreciation of reptiles, amphibians, and arthropods.

At least one bioactive habitat will be on display to highlight the interconnected nature of each ecosystem with its inhabitants. (2.5 hour maximum)

School Assemblies

Let us help you bring out your wild side!

You can show school pride and educate a large crowd at these school assemblies. Multiple classes are perfect for this 50-minute educational program.

Critters in the Classroom

Our Critters in the Classroom program is excellent for those teachers and students looking to change their everyday school routine. Our 8-week program allows up to 4 different animals to live in your classroom! A short presentation is provided at each animal transition. We provide the housing and suggested lesson plan ideas for each animal visitor. Feeder insects are provided (special storage requirements may apply).

The Teacher's Pet

The Teacher’s Pet program is excellent for teachers who want a class pet without worrying about taking care of it over school breaks!

This program will teach your students responsibility as they learn to care for an animal for a semester or an entire school year!

Reptile Research

The Reptile Research program is perfect for teachers with a project-based classroom! During the 6-week program, students will meet, learn about, and care for a new animal each week. The students will have the opportunity to research each species and develop a project based on their favorite animal. The animals will join the students to present their projects during the final week of the program.

Booth at Your Event

Use animals to connect to your community! An interactive booth engages people at any science fair, back-to-school night, or educational event. People will be able to interact with 6 animals during this program. Students can practice using inquiry-based learning to help lead the programs with their questions!

Mobile Zoo

We will present 8 to 21animals in our 6-foot Mobile Zoo Habitats. Animals are rotated for interaction by the presentation team as students visit the exhibit.

Virtual Animal Encounters Wildlife Webinar

The Wildlife Webinar allows your family, school, or company to meet six of our fantastic reptile or arthropod Ambassadors. We can tailor this program to cover language arts, art, history, cultural studies, science, or safety programs for field staff. The program can also be just for fun!

Classroom Visit Via the Web

Not located nearby or still facing visitor restrictions on campus? Our Zoom classes are available anywhere in the world! Our educators present a 45-50 minute lesson featuring several of our live Ambassador Animals, complete with Q&A time. For the teacher: Includes a recorded video introducing the day’s lesson and material and an art, science, or language arts challenge for post-visit. Limited to one class (30 students maximum. We offer single and multi-part classes).

Tips for Your On-site Visit

  • We need a shaded, cool area to present the animals. Consider having a rain plan!
  • We cannot present in areas with balloons, small animals, loud music, or where people eat/cook food.
  • We need a nearby parking spot to facilitate unloading/loading.
  • Participants of our interactive programs should be advised not to pet or touch their small animals on the day of the program. They should also not wear clothing that has recently been in close contact with small animals. (Small animals include hamsters, mice, rats, guinea pigs, rabbits, chinchillas, chickens, etc.)
Depending on your school rules, you may need to send home permission slips for the children to be able to touch the animals. All of our programs are hands-on and interactive.